We have weekly runs/training session along with a longer run at least twice a month on Sundays ... it will get muddy in the Winter ... dress accordingly!

  • Join us at 7pm on Wednesdays for a structured training session which will help you improve your speed,  stamina and form (members only).

  • At  7pm on Fridays for a run of between 5 and 8k..

  • At our regular Sunday long run which starts at 9am and will be on average 10 miles.


If you are not already a member please do message us to find out whereabouts in Amesbury we will be meeting each week as the venues are subject to change.

For your own enjoyment can we suggest that you are able to run continuously for 30 minutes and are able to complete 5k/Parkrun in 35 minutes.  We can help signpost you in the right direction to help with this if necessary.