Our core team are passionate about running and events and want to impart that love to every member of Stonehenge Striders.  Charlotte and Andy have completed many events up to Marathon distance and Carl has gone one step further and upped the distance to Ultra. 

We are regulars at Parkrun.



Run Leader * Core Team * First Aider

I started running in 2015 at Andover Parkrun, for no other reason than it was a sport I wasn't too shabby at!  Five years on and starting a running club seemed a great idea!!  I'm not ashamed to say that I am a bit of a medal hunter and like to enter as many events as my bank balance and old lady legs will allow.  My favourite distance I would have to say is 10 miles; short enough to be able to be speedy (ish) but long enough to be a challenge.


Run Leader * Core Team * First Aider

Like many people I stumbled into running almost by accident, you start off with a bit of gentle jogging then someone mentions ParkRun and before you know it you are running marathons and asking yourself ........ how did that happen????

I'm very much a trail runner, always happiest running around the countryside, preferably exploring a new route and discovering new terrain, if it involves climbing up to the top of a big hill even better. Why do I run? The freedom it gives me, the lack of rules and rigid preconceptions. It can be a lung bursting training session or a gentle bimble around the park but it is always an escape from the mundane day to day routine and pressures of life.



Run Leader * Core Team